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Industries in Wichita

Wichita, located close to the heart of Kansas, is a bustling city with many attractions and things to do. Along with all the parks, shopping, and night life, Wichita also has a teeming industrial side, with many major companies calling they city their home. These leading corporations help boost the Wichita economy and provide many residents with comfortable, enjoyable lifestyles.

The main industrial sector in Wichita is manufacturing. Within this area of industry, Wichita has made a name for itself in the field of aircraft production. Huge companies use Wichita as a base for their operations. Boeing Company, Cessna Aircraft Company, Bombardier Learjet Incorporated, and Raytheon Aircraft Company all coexist in this busy city. In response to the recent recession, these companies have decided to start marketing small- and mid-size airplanes that appeal to business and corporate users. This has allowed these manufacturers to stay afloat and remain competitive in today’s market. Even through the economic changes, aircraft production has remained an integral part of Wichita’s industry.

As a close contender, the second-largest industry in Wichita is that of healthcare. A large portion of residents in this city are employed in fields directly relating to healthcare. Since the needs addressed by healthcare are typically steady regardless of economic downturns or success, this segment of industry continues to be a strong contender, and provides stable jobs for many. With two new hospitals recently opened, Wichita will be able to benefit from the healthcare industry for several years to come.

Along with aircraft production and healthcare, Wichita is the home of several companies that are leaders in their respective fields. Vulcan Chemicals, which operates a plant in the city, is ranked among the top of the country’s producers of chlorinated solvents. A major agribusiness, Cargill Incorporated, keeps its corporate headquarters for Cargill Meat Solution in Wichita. The Coleman Company, known for its production of recreational equipment and supplies, is yet another part of Wichita’s assorted industry.

It is easy to see that Wichita is a diverse metropolitan with many opportunities. The many different industries represented in Wichita come together to create a city that welcomes people from all walks of life. Clearly, Wichita is a place that is suitable for anyone, and is able to host a wide variety of businesses in its industrial sector. Airplanes, airplane supplies, outdoor recreational equipment and supplies, meat products, chemicals, household appliances and amusement rides are only some of the goods produced in Wichita.